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Julie | Portrait Session! | Maine Lifestyle Photographer!

This is Julie, an awesome lady that I met thanks to Facebook! She was interested in doing a shoot with her and her two doggies, and her husband Mike came along as pup wrangler… and he managed to sneak in a few photos, too.  🙂 We chose Fuller Farms in Scarborough (the link there is actually from Julie’s blog!), and it was gorgeous… lots of tall grass, flowers, and absolutely no one around but us. Really awesome! Julie rocked her shoot, and the dogs were surprisingly cooperative — the crazy heat may have helped with that. 😉 Also, if any of you readers are looking for a day school for your own puppies, check out Julie’s! It’s called Dances with Dogs in South Portland, Maine, and from what I can tell she is very successful, and popular among the dog world. 🙂



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