Kind Words!

Oh my gosh! We are so happy with all the wedding photos! We can’t begin to tell you how lucky we feel to have stumbled across your advertisement. Not only were we so comfortable working with you but we were also happy with all your professional correspondence along the way. You allowed us our privacy while capturing our day. Not once did we doubt your ability or talent. It was obvious to us that we were fortunate to have you with us for the most amazing day of our lives. Thank you so very much!

— Tracee & Derrick

We really can’t stress enough how grateful we are to have found Justine Johnson to photograph our wedding. We loved all the photos we saw on her website, which helped us to decide to hire her for our special day. I had no doubt that our photos would be amazing, and couldn’t wait to see them. We awaited them anxiously after the wedding, and we are extremely happy with the results. Justine really captured some perfect photos of the evening. We love that her style is not the typical posed, cookie cutter wedding photos. Justine captures all the candid moments of joy, love and hapiness. Like I told Justine, she will be the photographer for all the specialmoments in our life!

— Nicky & Scott

I contacted Justine about a year before our July 2010 wedding after perusing her portfolio and really connecting with her style.  She emailed back instantly and we sparked a friendship that has continued even beyond our wedding. We talked through e-mail and IM for months about our “shared” vision for both our wedding and engagement photos.  What struck me the most was Justine’s willingness to accept our input.  I would find an interesting engagement or wedding photograph and she would respond with excitement and interest; she never took it personally or became offended, which I’ve experienced with other photographers. Our first chance to work with her in person came in May 2010, when we met her in Portland for our engagement shoot.  My husband is not one for pictures and was not looking forward to them at all, but Justine helped to make him feel relaxed with her unobtrusive, laid-back style.  Her pictures capture his personality and mine, as well as who we are as a couple, in a way that few have. We were absolutely in love with them, and with all of Justine’s ideas that she had throughout the day (especially the balloons in the field!). Next came our wedding in July 2010.  Justine was so unobtrusive and professional, we hardly knew she was there most of the time. She did a fabulous job of capturing candids of more or less everyone at our wedding, and somehow always managed to capture the perfect facial expression or action.  This was amazing to us as she knew absolutely none of them! Justine’s style, personality, and professionalism really struck both of us as we continued to work with her.  Her pictures met and exceeded all of our pre-set expectations.  Indeed, should I need a photographer in the near (or distant!) future I would not hesitate for a second to hire her.

— Caitlin & Rob


We had a wonderful experience with Justine! From the first e-mail, she was very responsive and open to any ideas we had. (Even when it involved an infant smashing a cake!) The day of the session she arrived promptly and we immediately felt comfortable with her. Our daughter was able to play and explore, while Justine captured a ton of amazing pictures of our little one. I would highly recommend Justine to any parent looking for natural, quality pictures of their children!
— Melissa


Justine was incredible to have as our photographer for our wedding in Massachusetts. She arrived on time and ready to go, and she was professional and unobtrusive. She spent the day with me as I was getting ready, at the church and then at the reception. The photos she took came out more beautifully then I could have imagined. Justine, we feel so lucky to have found your ad online. You were laid back and eased any fears Mike and I may have had. You have an amazing eye for catching the moment and allowing us to relive our wedding through the pictures you took. Thank you!
— Meaghan & Mike

My husband and I eloped to Vermont from Pittsburgh, PA. We found Justine online. The ceremony was just the two of us, the officiant and Justine. Considering how intimate the scene was, I was especially grateful that Justine had such a pleasant, warm and unobtrusive manner. She came early to get some shots of my getting ready and immediately put me at ease. What I think Justine did best was beautifully capture the most important moments for me and my husband and we never felt forced into corny poses. Since we did not have any family and friends there, we were hoping that a photographer could really tell the story of our day and she did just that and more.

— Hilary & Rich


Justine really captured the feeling of our wedding beautifully. She worked like a photojournalist – staying out of the action while making sure to capture all of it. Justine is a warm, lovely person – and very laid back. She made no demands of us, and worked with what was naturally happening.
— Kim & Jacob


Justine was the perfect match for us. We had a small wedding and my biggest fear was having one of those obtrusive photographers who would try to orchestrate everything but who would fail to capture the real feel of the day. Justine understood this perfectly and was so easy to work with. Her photographs are beautiful and really captured both the essence and the details of our wedding. Her personality allowed us to relax even when we did the posed shots, which meant that we all actually looked like ourselves! I would definitely recommend Justine to anyone wanting a very talented photographer to preserve the memory of your wedding day.
— Kyra & Chris


Justine took so many wonderful, wonderful photos of us on the day of our vow renewal ceremony! My favorite photo of us is where we are standing on a rock, holding hands, just talking. It captures our marriage perfectly! She was completely unobtrusive, yet managed to catch many special shots. Justine allowed my husband and I to just be who we are. We joke around a lot and are not serious people, and she definitely captured that in our photographs. I would never hesitate to recommend Justine to anyone in the area!!!
— Leanna & Neal


Justine, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for capturing so many wonderful moments at our wedding! You truly are an amazing artist with a talent to see the natural beauty in anything you are taking pictures of. So many of our friends and family said that your photography is gorgeous and the most natural looking wedding pictures they have ever seen. We are so blessed to have had you for our photographer. We will recommend you to everyone we know for any function! Keep up the great work, and we hope that your photography will take off bigger than you can imagine!
— Cindy & Corey


My husband and I really lucked out when we saw Justine’s ad posted online. We planned our wedding in 3 months (a year earlier than originally decided!) and we had no idea how we would find a photographer on such short notice, and with a really reduced budget.  Justine really came through for us, and she gave us an amazing price we could work with.  She was professional and did a great job with our huge wedding party!! The photos were wonderful and she really captured the fun feel of our wedding reception!  I would definitely recommend her, and in fact, we are looking into doing some family portraits with our new baby girl!
— Katie & Jeremy


Justine was exactly what we were looking for in a photographer for our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah! Easy-going and dependable, with great communication, Justine delivered on all accounts. We are so pleased with the quality of the pictures that were taken and that will be with us forever. She captured some great moments and we would recommend her for any occasion!
— Danielle & Alan

Justine was really wonderful with our engagement photos. My fiancé and I are definitely not usually good in front of a camera, and were kind of skeptical of the idea of “engagement photos” at all, and Justine really put us at ease. She was flexible with timing, and had great ideas for location, and made the whole experience a lot of fun. She also took some really wonderful photos (which isn’t always easy with the two of us!). She did a great job, and I’m just sorry we’re not getting married in New England in order to have her do our wedding photography!

— Abby & Brad


Justine was fantastic!  She took as through downtown Portland, Maine and snapped shots at some awesome and unique locations.  We were both extremely nervous and we usually don’t like our picture being taken.  However, Justine worked with our quirks and gave us some great memories of our engagement!  We only wish we were not getting married so far away so we could utilize her talents for the wedding!
— Bekah & Brandon


If I had to pick ONE favorite photo (because they were all so great), I would say that it was the one where she caught my wife looking at me during the ceremony and her facial expression said that she was definitely in love. If I didn’t know how much she loved me, I DO NOW! That picture says it all. All of her shots were amazing! Her personality was great. She is really laid-back and that helped alot. She didn’t mind that it was a real casual wedding and we just wanted our precious moments captured. Nothing fancy! Justine was there every step of the way!
— Virginia & Shara

3 thoughts on “Kind Words!

  1. Lindsey and Brian says:

    We hired Justine in November to take pictures of our children for Christmas. Although it was last minute, she had the pictures finished in time and they were perfect! Our Christmas cards were complimented all season. She spent two hours with the children, much of it on the cold November ground and they really warmed to her. My son, who is normally very camera shy, was requesting that she take his picture! She was able to capture their personalities in the photos, which was our number one request. We are expecting another baby in May and hope to see her then!
    Lindsey and Brian

  2. Stephanie Rainone says:

    I recently had a boudoir shoot with Justine as a wedding present for my fiance. I had never done anything like that before, and was a little nervous and unsure about what to expect. Justine immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease. It was a great experience. The pictures came out so beautiful, my fiance loved them, and it was a great confidence booster. If you are thinking about doing a boudoir shoot, Justine is the photographer for you.

  3. Jenny says:

    Justine was great to work with. She was more than professional as well as extremely organized. On our wedding day, there was no standing around trying to figure out who goes where in which picture, she already had a plan. I hardly saw her the entire day and she wasn’t pushy the way you hear some wedding photographers can be. But best of all, I loved her work! The photos she took are truly amazing and beautiful. So many people have gushed about the quality of her work. She captured every moment perfectly as well as the feel for the day. We’re elated to have such amazing wedding photographs to reflect back on for the rest of our lives. We can’t thank her enough.

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