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Megan & Adam | Married! 07.03.11 | Anthony’s Pier 4 Wedding | Boston Wedding Photographer

This is Megan and Adam! They were married at Anthony’s Pier 4 in South Boston, which is a pretty incredible spot if you ask me. The room where the ceremony took place had an incredible view of the bay and the Boston skyline, there was fantastic food, and the whole atmosphere was extremely classy while still being laid-back. They had a beautiful ceremony, and once the reception got started there was some CRAZY dancing — always my favorite! Adam also brought along his 1970 Buick LeSabre, so we obviously got a few shots with it.  😉 Enjoy!


The Bruzgos | Family Session!

This, my lovely blog readers, is the Bruzgo family. I’ve known the daughter, Katie, for a long time… since about 7th grade, I believe? We had a mutual friend in middle school and then went to highschool together for a short period of time and even worked at the same strawberry field in 7th or 8th grade! We totally picked strawberries all morning (well, mostly had strawberry fights) and then went and hung out at the beach for the remainder of the day. BEST JOB EVER. Anyways, her mother contacted me a while back to take some senior portraits of her son, Zack, and then decided she’d love to have some family portraits done, too — so here they are! All taken at Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  🙂

ah, yes. sibling love.

Natasha | Fashion!

For those of you who don’t know her, this is Natasha! She worked with my husband back when he worked retail, and he actually convinced me to talk to her (after some persuasion). I finally introduced myself and we realized that we shared a love for photography. We decided to do a shoot together, and this is the result! We explored Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth… walking through the woods, climbing the rocks, and eventually getting SOAKED from the waves. She is an absolute pro… she barely even seems like she notices the fact that there’s a camera on her. She is extremely natural and just fun to be around! She’s also an amazingly talented hair/makeup artist… she’s done a couple photoshoots with me, and even did makeup at an elopement I did in December. You’ll be seeing all of those photos soon! I am slowly convincing her to just give up school and work and just be my partner in crime.  😉

Darcy | Headshots!

Darcy wanted to have some headshots (and a couple full-body shots) done both for her job and for some dating sites. We went to Prescott Park in Portsmouth and found some really interesting spots — it was that perfect time of year when all the leaves and plants are changing colors and there were some amazing colors and textures all around. If you’re interested in having some headshots done, contact me at justine at justinejohnsonphotography dot com!

Kathleen & Matt | Married! 10.23.10

This is the awesome Kathleen & Matt. They were married in Christopher Columbus Park in the North End of Boston on a freakishly warm October day! It was windy, for sure, but the sun was shining and the trees (and Kathleen!) were stunning. I spent a couple hours with Kathleen and her two sisters before the wedding, capturing some shots of them getting ready in their (amazing) room in the Millenium Bostonian Hotel — their room had a freaking balcony with an amazing view of Faneuil Hall. Gorgeous! Their ceremony was beautiful (and hilarious), and then we, naturally, stopped by the carousel for some action shots (I’m not sure if Kathleen was more excited for the wedding or the carousel!). The reception was at Rabia’s, which was just a quick walk… and Kathleen got all kinds of compliments, cheers and claps on the way.  😉 Enjoy!

Zack | Class of 2011!

This is Zack! I’ve known Zack for a long time — his sister Katie and I have been good friends ever since 7th grade or so. This kid is hilarious and I could barely keep him serious long enough to get the shots that his mom wanted, but we prevailed! Here’s a few from our adventures around Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

Kate & Brett | Married! 09.25.10

Kate and Brett were married at a private residence in Bristol, Rhode Island, and holy CRAP was it magnificent! When people are getting married at someone’s home they tend to be very humble about it, not mentioning how mind-blowingly GORGEOUS it is, and this was no exception. The house was surrounded on two sides by water and had an amazing view of… well, some kind of awesome bridge nearby that was lit-up when the sun set. They had a very simple ceremony outside on the lawn, with the water sparkling behind them. We then retreated into a massive tent complete with buffet table, dance floor, paper lanterns and the DJ’s booth (and karaoke!). The day was filled with sun, laughter and lots and lots of dancing!

Kristin & Luke | Engaged!

Kristin and Luke are freaking adorable. I started talking with Kristin back in April about their June 2011 wedding. I met with her and Luke a few months later and instantly knew I was going to have fun with them! They’re just such a genuinely nice couple, and watching them together is really special because they are so obviously in love. They still flirt and tease each other, which I think is super important in any relationship — they know how to have fun with each other! I was lucky enough to spend a couple hours with them exploring Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, and then heading to South Portland to find some more lighthouses — particularly Bug Light and Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse!

Svetlana & Gary | Married! 09.04.10

Svetlana and Gary had a beautiful, intimate outdoor ceremony at the Mansion in the Woods in Douglas, MA! Despite the name, I was not expecting this place to be as fantastic as it was. Overlooking the pristine Whitin Reservoir, it had absolutely awesome views — and it was the most perfect day for a wedding. Their ceremony was short and sweet and then they quickly moved onto drinks, dinner & dancing. My assistant, Brandon, and I had an interesting time, as almost everyone but us spoke Russian!