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Megan & Adam | Married! 07.03.11 | Anthony’s Pier 4 Wedding | Boston Wedding Photographer

This is Megan and Adam! They were married at Anthony’s Pier 4 in South Boston, which is a pretty incredible spot if you ask me. The room where the ceremony took place had an incredible view of the bay and the Boston skyline, there was fantastic food, and the whole atmosphere was extremely classy while still being laid-back. They had a beautiful ceremony, and once the reception got started there was some CRAZY dancing — always my favorite! Adam also brought along his 1970 Buick LeSabre, so we obviously got a few shots with it.  😉 Enjoy!


Kristen & Mat | Engaged! | Maine Engagement Photographer

This is the HILARIOUS Kristen and Mat. I just photographed their wedding in August, but this was their awesome February engagement shoot. We decided to adventure around the Old Port, first stopping in at Gritty’s for a drink (or two) and ending at Bull Feeney’s (for another beverage, of course). Good times. 🙂

Darlene & Dan | Engaged! | Maine Engagement Photographer

This is the adorable Darlene and Dan. I actually just photographed their wedding in July, but this was their first engagement shoot, done in downtown Portland, Maine. They opted to split their 2-hour engagement shoot into two 1-hour shoots, which was such a cute idea. They wanted one in the winter and one in the spring, so we made it happen! We spent an hour roaming around Portland, Maine… got some hot coffee, hung out by the water, and just explored — despite the cold. 😉

Natasha & Kellie | Fashion! | Maine Fashion Photographer

I would say that you must be tired of seeing Natasha around here by now, but how could you be? She’s gorgeous, and so fun in front of the camera — I can’t wait to work with her more this summer! This time she did a shoot with her friend Kellie… we just walked around downtown Portland and found some really awesome spots and just had fun. They were HILARIOUS and really got into the shoot, and were super adventurous sneaking around down by the water.  🙂

Chloe | Fashion / Class of 2011 / Portfolio-Building!

This gorgeous girl is Chloe! Honestly, I can’t even remember how we initially started talking, but she asked if I wanted to do a sort of senior photo slash fashion slash portfolio-building session with her and I said SURE! We met up at Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, and got, what I think, are some pretty fantastic shots. Enjoy!

The Bruzgos | Family Session!

This, my lovely blog readers, is the Bruzgo family. I’ve known the daughter, Katie, for a long time… since about 7th grade, I believe? We had a mutual friend in middle school and then went to highschool together for a short period of time and even worked at the same strawberry field in 7th or 8th grade! We totally picked strawberries all morning (well, mostly had strawberry fights) and then went and hung out at the beach for the remainder of the day. BEST JOB EVER. Anyways, her mother contacted me a while back to take some senior portraits of her son, Zack, and then decided she’d love to have some family portraits done, too — so here they are! All taken at Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  🙂

ah, yes. sibling love.

Natasha | Fashion!

For those of you who don’t know her, this is Natasha! She worked with my husband back when he worked retail, and he actually convinced me to talk to her (after some persuasion). I finally introduced myself and we realized that we shared a love for photography. We decided to do a shoot together, and this is the result! We explored Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth… walking through the woods, climbing the rocks, and eventually getting SOAKED from the waves. She is an absolute pro… she barely even seems like she notices the fact that there’s a camera on her. She is extremely natural and just fun to be around! She’s also an amazingly talented hair/makeup artist… she’s done a couple photoshoots with me, and even did makeup at an elopement I did in December. You’ll be seeing all of those photos soon! I am slowly convincing her to just give up school and work and just be my partner in crime.  😉

Darcy | Headshots!

Darcy wanted to have some headshots (and a couple full-body shots) done both for her job and for some dating sites. We went to Prescott Park in Portsmouth and found some really interesting spots — it was that perfect time of year when all the leaves and plants are changing colors and there were some amazing colors and textures all around. If you’re interested in having some headshots done, contact me at justine at justinejohnsonphotography dot com!

Kathleen & Matt | Married! 10.23.10

This is the awesome Kathleen & Matt. They were married in Christopher Columbus Park in the North End of Boston on a freakishly warm October day! It was windy, for sure, but the sun was shining and the trees (and Kathleen!) were stunning. I spent a couple hours with Kathleen and her two sisters before the wedding, capturing some shots of them getting ready in their (amazing) room in the Millenium Bostonian Hotel — their room had a freaking balcony with an amazing view of Faneuil Hall. Gorgeous! Their ceremony was beautiful (and hilarious), and then we, naturally, stopped by the carousel for some action shots (I’m not sure if Kathleen was more excited for the wedding or the carousel!). The reception was at Rabia’s, which was just a quick walk… and Kathleen got all kinds of compliments, cheers and claps on the way.  😉 Enjoy!

Ellen & Kraig | Engaged!

This is Ellen & Kraig! I am shooting their wedding in July and we did their super energetic and awesome engagement shoot in October at Fort Williams (holy crap, I might as well just pitch a tent and freaking LIVE there). They drove up here from Massachusetts and by the time they got out of the car, they were ready to RUN around like crazy. They sprinted to the middle of a field and just danced and jumped around and hugged — it was amazing. I knew pretty much right away that I’d completely lucked out… and I was right!

We found some milkweed fluff!