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Kristen & Mat | Engaged! | Maine Engagement Photographer

This is the HILARIOUS Kristen and Mat. I just photographed their wedding in August, but this was their awesome February engagement shoot. We decided to adventure around the Old Port, first stopping in at Gritty’s for a drink (or two) and ending at Bull Feeney’s (for another beverage, of course). Good times. 🙂

Darlene & Dan | Engaged! | Maine Engagement Photographer

This is the adorable Darlene and Dan. I actually just photographed their wedding in July, but this was their first engagement shoot, done in downtown Portland, Maine. They opted to split their 2-hour engagement shoot into two 1-hour shoots, which was such a cute idea. They wanted one in the winter and one in the spring, so we made it happen! We spent an hour roaming around Portland, Maine… got some hot coffee, hung out by the water, and just explored — despite the cold. 😉

Ellen & Kraig | Engaged!

This is Ellen & Kraig! I am shooting their wedding in July and we did their super energetic and awesome engagement shoot in October at Fort Williams (holy crap, I might as well just pitch a tent and freaking LIVE there). They drove up here from Massachusetts and by the time they got out of the car, they were ready to RUN around like crazy. They sprinted to the middle of a field and just danced and jumped around and hugged — it was amazing. I knew pretty much right away that I’d completely lucked out… and I was right!

We found some milkweed fluff!

Melissa & Colin | Engaged!

This is Melissa & Colin! They’re getting married on October 22nd, 2011, and we did their engagement photos this past October… almost exactly a year before their wedding! We decided to explore Fort Williams (okay, if you can’t tell already, I LOVE Fort Williams) and Colin was basically our tour guide. He spent aLOT of time at Fort Williams growing up, and he knew tons of spots I had never even SEEN before — it was awesome!

Jen & Justin | Engaged!

This is Jen and Justin, one of the most badass couples I’ve ever met. They used to live in Maine but are currently calling Colorado their home (and were calling California their home at the time), so they had to travel quite a ways to do their engagement photos and wedding here in Portland! It was an unusual circumstance in which we did their engagement photos a mere 2 days before the wedding! We explored downtown Portland on foot a bit before heading to Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth!

Amie & Joe | Engaged!

Amie and Joe are freaking adorable. I am lucky enough to be photographing their July wedding in Cape Cod, which is sure to be beautiful, and we did their engagement shoot right near their home in Bristol, Rhode Island. I even got to meet their little pug, Lady! We had fun playing in the water right at the end of their street and then we spent the rest of the morning venturing around Colt State Park!


Kristin & Luke | Engaged!

Kristin and Luke are freaking adorable. I started talking with Kristin back in April about their June 2011 wedding. I met with her and Luke a few months later and instantly knew I was going to have fun with them! They’re just such a genuinely nice couple, and watching them together is really special because they are so obviously in love. They still flirt and tease each other, which I think is super important in any relationship — they know how to have fun with each other! I was lucky enough to spend a couple hours with them exploring Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, and then heading to South Portland to find some more lighthouses — particularly Bug Light and Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse!

Tracy & Ryan | Engaged!

Tracy and Ryan. Oh man. What a couple. I am lucky enough to be shooting their March wedding in Foxboro, MA, and I also got to do their engagement photos in Boston. The two of them used to live in the North End so they took me all over. It was pretty fun to be able to just explore with them and find new and interesting spots to take photos. Tracy was hilarious and wanted to climb on absolutely EVERYTHING (and pretty much did). They took me to two of their favorite restaurants in the North End and we sipped sangria on the rooftop off the first one… swanky!

Hannah & Matt | Engaged! 08.27.10

How is it that I am lucky enough to hang out with people like Hannah and Matt every day for my job? It blows my mind sometimes. I started talking to Hannah at the end of July about their July 2011 wedding (which I am also photographing! yay!). I could tell right away that they were a super cute couple (they’re getting married in their garden – how much cuter does it even GET?) and so we planned an engagement shoot for the end of August. We spent the morning first in the most delightful little pick-your-own farm, and then headed to the Codman Estate to take some photos of Matt’s 1981 Mercedes (that he converted to vegetable oil!) before taking a walk around Walden Pond, which was MAGICAL. Hannah and Matt met in San Francisco while both working on the No on Prop 8 campaign, which really struck a chord with me. Awesome, awesome couple.

Teaser! Hannah & Matt – engaged!

Just a quick teaser from my engagement session from Friday. Hannah and Matt were the most awesome couple ever! They met in San Francisco while both working on the No on 8 campaign and are getting married in July! We had an absolutely lovely time walking around Walden Pond.  🙂