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Megan & Adam | Married! 07.03.11 | Anthony’s Pier 4 Wedding | Boston Wedding Photographer

This is Megan and Adam! They were married at Anthony’s Pier 4 in South Boston, which is a pretty incredible spot if you ask me. The room where the ceremony took place had an incredible view of the bay and the Boston skyline, there was fantastic food, and the whole atmosphere was extremely classy while still being laid-back. They had a beautiful ceremony, and once the reception got started there was some CRAZY dancing — always my favorite! Adam also brought along his 1970 Buick LeSabre, so we obviously got a few shots with it.  😉 Enjoy!


Noelle | Maternity! | Maine Maternity Photographer


This is the adorable Noelle! This post should give you some indication of how far behind I am on blog posts… Noelle was about 8/9 months pregnant in these photos, and her baby is almost 9 months old now… so yeah. 😉 We took these in January in downtown Portland. It was preeeetty cold, as you can imagine, and I was pretty terrified that she might go into labor while we walked around – but luckily we dodged that bullet! Noelle, you’re absolutely adorable, and I can’t believe a baby emerged from that tiny tummy only weeks after these photos were taken!

Toni | 90th Birthday! | Maine Event Photographer

This is Toni, and her 90th birthday party! Her granddaughter contacted me and was wondering if I might photograph birthdays as well, and I enthusiastically said yes! Her party was at Bruno’s Restaurant and Tavern in Portland, Maine and it was delightful to watch Toni and her family interact and celebrate. Enjoy!

Darlene & Dan | Engaged! | Maine Engagement Photographer

This is the adorable Darlene and Dan. I actually just photographed their wedding in July, but this was their first engagement shoot, done in downtown Portland, Maine. They opted to split their 2-hour engagement shoot into two 1-hour shoots, which was such a cute idea. They wanted one in the winter and one in the spring, so we made it happen! We spent an hour roaming around Portland, Maine… got some hot coffee, hung out by the water, and just explored — despite the cold. 😉

Natasha & Kellie | Fashion! | Maine Fashion Photographer

I would say that you must be tired of seeing Natasha around here by now, but how could you be? She’s gorgeous, and so fun in front of the camera — I can’t wait to work with her more this summer! This time she did a shoot with her friend Kellie… we just walked around downtown Portland and found some really awesome spots and just had fun. They were HILARIOUS and really got into the shoot, and were super adventurous sneaking around down by the water.  🙂

Lauren | Boudoir! | Maine Boudoir Photographer

Well, it has been way too long since I’ve posted anything here… that is all changing, I swear! I promised that you’d seen Lauren soon, and here she is! She shared a boudoir shoot with the amazing Natasha, and it was so much fun. I am suddenly inspired to make my future studio a combination of bright tangerine and lively pink…

Natasha | Boudoir!

You probably recognize Natasha by now. We’ve done an impromptu fashion shoot before, she’s been the makeup artist at an elopement I shot, and now here’s her boudoir shoot! She split the shoot with her friend Lauren, who you’ll be seeing soon! The bedroom we shot in was an AMAZING tangerine color and was just very playful and girly. Natasha is a natural every time she’s in front of the camera, and boudoir photos were no exception. She’s an inspiration!