Rachel | Boudoir!

Rachel was part of my first ever boudoir shoot back in early-October. She shared her shoot with a good friend, which I would definitely recommend! They didn’t do any photos together, of course… they simply shared the time slot (as well as the price of the hotel room!) and were able to give each other ideas and encouragement throughout the shoot. It made things run much more smoothly — one girl would be having photos done while the other was changing outfits, and vice versa! Aside from dealing with the ridiculously bright yellow walls, I think it went pretty well.  🙂

One thought on “Rachel | Boudoir!

  1. […] as you may remember, is Rachel! She was part of one of my VERY first boudoir shoots ever, back in early October. She loved it so much that we did a SECOND shoot, this time with her cousin, […]

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