Natasha | Fashion!

For those of you who don’t know her, this is Natasha! She worked with my husband back when he worked retail, and he actually convinced me to talk to her (after some persuasion). I finally introduced myself and we realized that we shared a love for photography. We decided to do a shoot together, and this is the result! We explored Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth… walking through the woods, climbing the rocks, and eventually getting SOAKED from the waves. She is an absolute pro… she barely even seems like she notices the fact that there’s a camera on her. She is extremely natural and just fun to be around! She’s also an amazingly talented hair/makeup artist… she’s done a couple photoshoots with me, and even did makeup at an elopement I did in December. You’ll be seeing all of those photos soon! I am slowly convincing her to just give up school and work and just be my partner in crime.  😉

2 thoughts on “Natasha | Fashion!

  1. […] probably recognize Natasha by now. We’ve done an impromptu fashion shoot before, she’s been the makeup artist at an elopement I shot, and now here’s her boudoir […]

  2. […] talking, realized we clicked, and many months later we FINALLY set up a shoot! The fabulous Natasha helped with hair and makeup (and rocked it, as usual) and these photos were taken at Jenn’s […]

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