I Stand With Planned Parenthood

While I try not to get political on here, this is something that affects me greatly, and should affect you, too. If you or anyone you know have ever utilized Planned Parenthood for one or several of their MANY valuable services, you need to stand up and fight against them being barred from federal funding. Planned Parenthood offers a wide range of services for men and women of all ages, some of whom may not be able to afford to visit somewhere else and get tested for HIV, or obtain condoms or birth control, or get treated for a UTI. Breast cancer screenings, pap smears and HPV tests (to hopefully prevent cervical cancer), pelvic exams, education programs, community outreach, abortion services, emergency contraception, LGBT services, female & male infertility screening, pregnancy testing, STD testing… I am really only scratching the surface here. Planned Parenthood has helped me in ways I can’t even describe over the many years I have been going there, and I am not about to let it go under as it’s federal funding is cut. STAND UP, FIGHT, AND SIGN THE PETITION!

I Stand With Planned Parenthood

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