Erin & Jill | Committed! 08.21.10

Oh man. Where do I even start with Erin and Jill? Erin and I started talking back in April and I pretty much knew it was true love right away. She said the vibe they were going for in their photographs was “like if Steven Soderbergh made an indie movie and then you had the stills from the film” – guh. How about you just commit yourself to ME instead? Unfortunately in this otherwise great state of Maine, same sex couples cannot be married, so Erin and Jill instead had a commitment ceremony/festive party — and it was, indeed! We first took some photos of just the two of them at Asticou Azalea Garden in Northeast Harbor, Maine, and then headed down to board the Sea Princess which sails out of Northeast Harbor on Mount Desert Island. It was a fantastic little booze cruise, with such a beautiful, loving ceremony on-board (performed by Erin’s father, Senator Damon, who is a strong supporter of same-sex marriage — go Senator Damon!!). Then we headed to The Neighborhood House right down the road for a freaking adorable reception! It was truly a beautiful thing to see two people so very much in love and I consider myself lucky to be able to photograph commitment ceremonies like this. It breaks my heart (and, honestly, makes me very sad and angry) that these two could not be married simply because of their gender. But that’s a discussion for another day — for now, enjoy the photos!

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