How about a free boudoir shoot?

I am currently running this amazing deal, and will continue to do so until I’ve gathered enough boudoir photos to complete a satisfactory little portfolio! Get it while its hot!

My name is Justine and I want to do a boudoir shoot with you — FOR FREE! Insane, I know, but seriously. I am a wedding, portrait and event photographer here in Maine but my boudoir portfolio is severely lacking. Entirely lacking, currently… I haven’t done any! I have a couple scheduled for this month, one with a friend and one with a client, but I’d love to gain more experience. It’s something I’d like to offer as one of my main services down the road, but first I need some practice!

So if you’ve been wanting to have some done but are short on cash, this is the perfect chance for you. They’re a great gift for a significant other and also an amazing way to boost your own confidence. You can have the photoshoot done just the two of us or if you and a friend (or small group of friends) have been wanting to have them done, we can do them all together! It will help to ease your nerves and will be alot of fun!

I am in the Portland area, so I would require that you either be in the direct area (within a 30-minute drive or so) or willing to travel here. I also don’t have a studio as of yet, so you’d need to either supply your own bedroom or rent a hotel room for the shoot! This is another great reason to bring a friend or two — split the cost of the room! I would also require that you allow me to use at least SOME of the photos for my public portfolio. It’s up to you on which photos I show… for example, I could only show mostly-clothed photos, or only ones with no identifying features. You’ll have the final say… but the point of this is to build my portfolio, so you must be okay with at least a FEW being shown! You will also receive a CD of all the edited, high-resolution photos with a print release, if you so desire.

Anyways, yeah! Super awesome free offer! Confidence booster, sexy present, all-around fun time! And I’m not an old sketchy dude! WIN WIN!

Oh, here’s my portfolio for those who are interested… no boudoir photos on there, obviously, but you can see a ton of my other work!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

One thought on “How about a free boudoir shoot?

  1. stephanie says:

    Are you still trying to build your portfolio? If so, I may be interested… Please get back to me. Thanks! 🙂

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